CII Global Knowledge Virtual Summit 2020

Knowledge in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


6 – 8 July 2020


Knowledge in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The CII Knowledge Summit (KM India), also known as the CII Knowledge Management Summit or CII National Knowledge Management Summit, is organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) as part of its ongoing development initiative.This development initiative aims to create a more robust Indian ecosystem that generates economic value through the effective harnessing of knowledge and intellectual capital, within knowledge-based organizations and industries. As better knowledge management practices get instituted within India, the quality and quantity of knowledge being generated and consumed will be enhanced, thereby allowing the accelerated production of economic value. The intent is to create a better understanding of knowledge management practices, research and practical applications.

With Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Digital all reaching scale and being absorbed into the enterprise at the same time, organizations are getting transformed rapidly. While knowledge continues to provide the competitive edge, but how Knowledge needs to evolve has been the thrust of the sessions at the CII Knowledge Summit

Key Highlights of Global Knowledge Summit 2020 :

  • This year the Global Summit is being organized in India for the first time.
  • The theme is “Knowledge in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”. It will be a three day event.
  • Sessions on Evolution of Knowledge & Gamification of Knowledge Management and Storytelling
  • Case study presentation by Global Mike Companies from China, Japan, India, Iran, MENA region, Hong kong.
  • Masterclasses on Knowledge Management and AI
  • Panel discussion with renowned experts on knowledge, technology and innovation
  • Global Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise Awards 2020

Who should attend ?

Industry Captains, CIOs & CKOs, Functional Heads, Domain Experts, Knowledge Managers, Business Strategists, IT professionals, Communication Managers, Knowledge Architects, Content Managers, Scientists, Engineers, & Researchers and the leaders who plan and deploy systems for business.

This conference is supported by the KM Global Network (KMGN)

Confederation of Indian Industry

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development of India, partnering industry, Government, and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes.

CII engages closely with Government on policy issues and interfaces with thought leaders to enhance efficiency, competitiveness and business opportunities for industry through a wide portfolio of specialized services and strategic global linkages. It also provides a platform for consensus-building and networking on key issues. Extending its agenda beyond business, CII facilitates corporate initiatives for integrated and inclusive development across diverse domains.

India is now set to become a US$ 5 trillion economy in the next five years and Indian industry will remain the principal growth engine for achieving this target. With the theme for 2019-20 as ‘Competitiveness of India Inc – India@75: Forging Ahead’, CII will focus on five priority areas which would enable the country to stay on a solid growth track. These are – employment generation, rural-urban connect, energy security, environmental sustainability and governance.



Day 1 : 6 July 2020
1400 Hrs-1515 Hrs Innaugral
1400-1405 Hrs Welcome remarks Mr Sandeep Singh
Chairman, CII Karnataka & Managing Director, Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Pvt Ltd.
1405-1410 Hrs Theme Setting Mr Gopichand Katragadda
Chairman, KM Summit 2020 & Founder and CEO, at Myelin Foundry
1410-1420 Hrs Global MIKE Prof. WB Lee
Professor Emeritus, Former Director of Knowledge, Management and Innovation Research Centre and Head of State Key Laboratory of Ultra-precision, Machining Technology,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
1420-1430 Hrs Address Ms Lakshmi Pratury
CEO & Founder, INK
1430-1440 Hrs Address Mr Lalitesh Katragadda
1440-1450 Hrs Special Address Mr Abhishek Singh IAS
CEO, MyGov
1450-1500 Hrs Keynote Address Dr E V Ramana Reddy IAS
Additional Chief Secretary, Department of IT & BT & Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka
1500-1510 Hrs Concluding Remarks Mr Gopichand Katragadda
1515-1600 Hrs CEOs Panel
Session Chair Mr Gopichand Katragadda
Chairman, KM Summit 2020 & Founder and CEO at Myelin Foundry

Mr Soumitra Bhattacharya
Managing, Director, Bosch

Mr Pankaj Rai
Senior Vice President ,Strategic Planning, Wells Fargo

Mr Krishna Kumar Natarajan
Co Founder, Mindtree

Mr Ron Young
CEO & CKO, Knowledge Associates Cambridge Ltd

Mr Anand T Byrappa
Head – Office of Data and JRD Tata Memorial Library

Mr Kaushik Das
Data Scientist, Star India

Session changeover
1630-1800 hrs

Master Class:

Co-Creating Principles for K-Success in the New Normal

International Expert Facilitators: From KM Russia: Vadim Shiryaev, Olga Smirnova and Mikhael

Local Expert Animators: Dr Madanmohan Rao and Ms Molly Chaudhuri

The COVID 19 Pandemic will forever transform the way we work, interact, collaborate and participate. There are going to be drastic modifications in our personal and working lives. For the discipline of Knowledge

Management too, there are going changes. What can those changes be? Is it going to be the culture? Or the KM processes? What role will technology play in all this?

Each one has their own opinion based on their experiences of these last few months. How can we harness the collective opinions of the audience and make sense of it?

This is what the workshop is about. Using co-creation techniques the facilitators will tap into the collective intellect of the participants in order to derive shared meaning. The team from KM Russia have pioneered a range of co-creation techniques. They have enabled large audiences – of upto 3000 participants at a time – to engage in conversations on key topics of interest. Outcomes include alignment of perspectives, courses of action, and an e-book compiled in almost real time.

Co-facilitating them will be a local team experienced in animating audiences and social media. This is a ‘jugalbandi’ experience, an international community knowledge-jam, like no other!

Day 2 : 7 July 2020
1400 Hrs-1530 hrs SessionI: Evolution of Knowledge
Management Guru Peter Drucker has famously said that knowledge and knowledge workers are the most important asset of 21st century. Knowledge management in its original form was all about structured content management for the knowledge workers. Advent of the social web brought people into focus and connections became important. With technologies galloping at a rapid pace, it is today an era of intelligence and newer forms of knowledge are emerging. This panel will dwell upon what this means for the organizations of tomorrow and how KM can continue to be relevant.
Session Chair

Mr Ved Prakash
Chief Knowledge Officer,  Trianz

Ms Jennifer M
SVP and BU Leader – APAC Solutions Delivery Centre, CGI

Mr K R Sanjiv
CTO, Wipro

Mr.Sameer Dhanrajani

Mr.Srinivas Mahankali
Principal Consultant, NISG

1530-1700 Hrs Session II: Revitalizing Knowledge through Gamification

In this era of smart technologies, sleek gadgets, AI and intelligent user interfaces that promise to help businesses streamline their processes, increase the number of happy clients and retain customers, what’s going to happen to the Human Element? Are Algorithms going to drive behaviours or will intrinsic human motivation continue to be the prime mover?

 As  the  retention  and  engagement-crisis  increases  and  the  attention  span  constantly decreases, gamification is seen as a remedy to human motivational issues. Knowledge managers are increasingly looking to gamify their processes. Gamification is a set of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of game elements to influence behaviors.

 To deliberate on the future of Gamification we have a distinguished panel of speakers from diverse backgrounds and experience in their exposure to this fast-evolving discipline.

Session Chair Mr Rudolf D Souza
Chief Knowledge Officer
Afcons Infrastructure

Mr Rajib Chowdhury
Founder & Managing Director,
Paathshala Learning Solutions & The Gamification Company

Mr Sudip Mazumder
Head – E&C Industry Digital, L&T-NxT and Senior Leader, L&T Group

Mr Deepak Ramasamy
Country Head – Voice & Virtual – UAE, West Africa & Social Media Standard Chartered Bank

Ms Zeba Khan
Managing Partner
Xenvis Solutions

Dr Ashok Maharaj
Head, XR Lab

Day 3 : 8 July 2020
1400-1530 Hrs Session III: Business Storytelling: Organizational Communication in the Knowledge Era

Storytelling is a powerful platform for organizational communication, particularly for change in a context of information overload and rapid transformation. These expert panelists will cover elements of empathetic narrative, use of stories to learn from failure and mistakes, and storytelling with data. Tips will be provided on how to create a culture of trust, open-mindedness, and honest self- reflection, using elements of story and visualization. Storytelling is what will set apart humans from machines in the emerging knowledge era, and is a key success factor for leaders, managers and employees.

Session Chair

Dr Madanmohan Rao
Research Director, YourStory Media

Ms Gabrielle Dolan
Author, Stories for Work

Ms Sejal Vohra
Author “Data Storytelling”

Ms Ramya Ranganathan
Management Consultant & Professor

1530-1700 Hrs Global Mike Case Studies & Panel Discussion
1530-1540 Hrs Welcome Remarks Mr Ramesh Ramudarai
Vice Chairman CII Karnataka State Council & Managing Director
3M India Ltd.
1540-1550 Hrs Announcement of Global MIKE Winners Prof. Leif Edvinson
Honorary Advisor,
Global MIKE Study Group
1550-1600 Hrs Presentation by the Outstanding Winner Mr Vineet Jain
EY Global Delivery Services
1600-1610 Hrs Presentation by the Outstanding Winner Mr Thirumala Arohi
Vice President & Head – Education, Training &   Assessment, Infosys Ltd
1610-1640 Hrs Discussion Forum  with Global MIKE Winners

 Moderated by
Dr Madanmohan Rao

Mr Hank Malik
Enterprise KM Programme Lead, Petroleum Development Oman ( PDO)

Dr. Elidjen
Knowledge Management and Innovation Director

Dr. Karto Iskandar, S.Kom, M.M
Knowledge Innovation Manager,

Dr Richard Lobo
Head Strategy & Business Excellence, Tata Chemicals

Mr Hariharan Mathrubutham
Vice President – Delivery Excellence, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Mr Allen LEUNG
Chief Architect &

Mr Laurence Kwan
Senior Building Services Engineer, HK ArchSD

Mr Akbar Golbou
Information Technology and Systems Manager,
Mobarakeh Company

1650-1705 Hrs Inaugural Address Dr C N Ashwath Narayan
Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka & Ministry for IT&BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka
1705-1710 Hrs Closing Address Mr Ramesh Ramudarai
Vice Chairman CII Karnataka State Council & Managing Director 3M India Ltd.


Gopichand Katragadda

Chairman, KM Summit 2020 & Founder and CEO at Myelin Foundry

Lakshmi Pratury

CEO & Founder, INK

Dr E V Ramana Reddy IAS

Additional Chief Secretary
Department of IT & BT & Science & Technology
Government of Karnataka

Abhishek Singh IAS

CEO, MyGov

Soumitra Bhattacharya

Managing Director, Bosch India

Pankaj Rai

Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning, Wells Fargo

Krishna Kumar Natarajan

Co Founder

Ved Prakash

Chief Knowledge Officer, Trianz

Jennifer M

SVP and BU Leader – APAC Solutions Delivery Centre, CGI

K R Sanjiv

CTO, Wipro

Sameer Dhanrajani


Srinivas Mahankali

Principal Consultant

Rudolf D’Souza

Chief Knowledge Officer, AFCONS Infrastructure

Rajib Chowdhury

Founder & Managing Director, Paathshala Learning Solutions & The
Gamification Company

Sudip Mazumder

Head – E&C Industry Digital, L&T-NxT and Senior Leader, L&T Group

Deepak Ramasamy

Country Head – Voice & Virtual – UAE, West Africa & Social Media at Standard Chartered Bank

Zeba Khan

Managing Partner,
Xenvis Solutions

Ashok Maharaj

Head, XR Lab, TCS

Dr. Madanmohan Rao

Research Director, YourStory Media

Gabrielle Dolan

Author, Stories for Work

Sejal Vora

Author, Data Story telling

Ramya Ranganathan

Electrical Engineer,
IIT Madras

Ron Young

CEO & CKO, Knowledge Associates Cambridge Ltd

Prof. WB Lee

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Anand Byrappa

Head Office of Data and JRD Tata Memorial Library

Lalitesh Katragadda


Dr. Richard Lobo

Head – Corporate Strategy & Business Excellence at Tata Chemicals Limited

Vineet Jain

Knowledge Leader- EY Global Delivery Services

Kaushik Das

Data Scientist,
Star India

Sergey Voynov

Leadership Council Member, Vilavi

Olga Smirnova

Leader, KM Russia

Vadim Shiryaev

Leader, G-LINK community

Thirumala Aroh

Vice President, Head – Education, Training & Assessments




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