CII Global Knowledge Summit 2023

Generative Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Management

Demo & Discussion Sessions

1. “GAI and its Impact on Knowledge Management”
2. “The Ethics of GAI and Knowledge Management”
3. “GAI Use Cases, Opportunities & Challenges”
4. “The Future of Work for Knowledge Professionals

10:00 AM | 8 June 2023 | @ Hotel Taj West End


Generative Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Management

1000 Hrs, 8 June 2023; Taj West-End Hotel

Generative AI has taken the world by storm, revolutionizing the ways of communication, work, and innovation. ChatGPT, with its 100 million users, stands as a testament to the rapid adoption and widespread impact of this cutting-edge technology. Even in its early stages, generative AI is already shaping the future across various domains, and its influence on our lives is set to grow exponentially. Embracing this powerful tech will open doors to unimaginable possibilities, ushering in a new era of creativity, efficiency, and progress.

Generative AI has a diverse range of applications that go beyond text, video, image, speech generation, and data augmentation. Generative AI has the potential to significantly accelerate AI adoption, even in organizations lacking deep AI or data-science expertise. While significant customization still requires expertise, adopting a generative model for a specific task can be accomplished with relatively low quantities of data or examples through APIs or by prompt engineering. Globally, markets are becoming more dynamic. Businesses are constantly being disrupted and transformed by technology.

The next big wave of change in the future of work will be sparked by new applications of artificial intelligence. The pace of the change and adoption of Generative AI has critical implications for organizations and sectors.

AI has the potential to add US$957 billion, or 15 percent of India’s current gross value in 2035. The combination of the technology, data and talent that make intelligent systems possible has reached critical mass, driving extraordinary growth in AI investment. The country remains the most competitive in South Asia yet trails many other G20 countries in AI. That is despite Indian companies adopting AI technology at a larger scale, the country’s investments in tech infrastructure and the improving tech skills of its citizens.

Vibrant AI ecosystems are based on five pillars: universities, large companies, startups, policy makers and multi-stakeholder partnerships. Southern India has been fostering growth and innovation through multi- stakeholder engagement models. It is important to strengthen regional AI research and development ecosystem, including through better international cooperation.

CII Global Knowledge Summit 2023 will deliberate and highlight the way forward for Generative AI to empower and foster Knowledge Management in organizations.


Confederation of Indian Industry

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development of India, partnering Industry, Government and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes.
CII is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed organization, with over 9000 members from the private as well as public sectors, including SMEs and MNCs, and an indirect membership of over 300,000 enterprises from 294 national and regional sectoral industry bodies.
For more than 125 years, CII has been engaged in shaping India’s development journey and works proactively on transforming Indian Industry’s engagement in national development. CII charts change by working closely with Government on policy issues, interfacing with thought leaders, and enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and business opportunities for industry through a range of specialized services and strategic global linkages. It also provides a platform for consensus-building and networking on key issues.


Day – 1 ( 06 June 2023)
6 June 2023 Preconference (online)
1500 Hrs-1700 Hrs

Masterclass on “Generative Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Management”


The “Generative Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Management” Masterclass is an immersive learning experience that explores the intersection of AI technology and knowledge management. Participants will discover how generative AI is revolutionizing various industries and providing unprecedented opportunities for growth and transformation. The course focuses on equipping professionals with the skills to leverage generative AI in their daily activities through prompt engineering techniques. Attendees will learn how to guide AI models to generate desired outputs, enabling them to tackle complex challenges, enhance decision-making processes, and extract valuable insights in their respective fields. Additionally, the Masterclass goes beyond practical applications and explores the artistic dimensions of generative AI. Participants will explore how generative AI can be used as a powerful tool for creative expression, pushing the boundaries of traditional creative processes and unlocking limitless possibilities in art, design, and other creative disciplines.

By the end of the Masterclass, participants will have introductory knowledge, skills, and confidence to effectively leverage generative AI in their professional lives. They will understand how to employ prompt engineering techniques to make informed decisions, solve complex problems, and extract valuable knowledge from vast amounts of data. Furthermore, participants will have the tools to explore the artistic realm, using generative AI as a catalyst for innovation, imagination, and creativity. Join the “Generative Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Management” Masterclass and embrace the new era of innovation and knowledge management driven by generative AI. Unleash your creative potential, enhance your professional capabilities, and become a trailblazer in your field by enrolling today.


Mr. Ganesh Suryanarayanan Co – Founder and CTO of Myelin Foundry


Dr. Gopichand Katragadda Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Myelin Foundry


Ms. Tina Mehta Strategic Development Manager and Design and AI Evangelist at Adobe



Day – 2 (08 June 2023)
8 June 2023

CII Global Knowledge Summit 2023

Generative Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Management

0930 Hrs Registration
1000 – 1100 Hrs Opening Session
1000 – 1005 Hrs Welcome Remarks

Mr Vijaykrishnan Venkatesan

Chairman CII Karnataka State Council 2023-24
& Managing Director Kennametal Ltd.



1005 – 1015 Hrs Context Setting

Dr Gopichand Katragadda

Chairman, CII Global Knowledge Summit 2023
& CEO, Myelin Foundry Pvt Ltd.

1015 – 1030 Hrs Special Address

Mr Vishal Dhupar

Managing Director Asia South
NVIDIA Graphics Pvt Ltd


1030 – 1040 Hrs Special Address

Mr Pradeep Kambathalli


1040 – 1050 Hrs Special Address


Dr Ramana Reddy IAS

Additional Chief Secretary,
Department of ITBT
Government of Karnataka



1050 – 1105 Hrs Q & A
1105 – 1120 Hrs Tea Break
1120 – 1205 Hrs

Panel Discussion 1: “GAI and its Impact on Knowledge Management”


Moderated by

Mr Ved Prakash

Chief Knowledge Officer, Trianz


  • Mr Sandeep Sharma Senior Research Manager, IDC
  • Ms Shyamala Swaminathan Associate Director, EY GDS
  • Ms Ketaki Ogale Co-Founder, B-Hyve
  • Nitin Aggarwal Head of Cloud AI Services, Google



1205 – 1230 Hrs


Mr Ron Young

Chief Executive Officer Knowledge Associates Cambridge Ltd, UK



1230 – 1315 Hrs

Panel Discussion 2: “The legal & Ethical Aspects of GAI “


Moderated by

Ms Ritu Grover

Director Knowledge Management, Khaitan & Co


  • Dr Debabrata Das Director, IIITB
  • Dr Shilohu Rao Senior Governance Professional and Advocate, Data Constitutionalism
  • Ms Sharda Balaji, Founder, NovoJuris Legal
  • Dr Madhukar Kalsapura Knowledge Management Entrepreneur
1315 – 1400 Hrs Lunch
1400 – 1445 Hrs

Keynote Address 3: “The Role of GAI in Transforming Knowledge Management in Enterprises”

Mr Sandeep Alur

Director, Microsoft Technologies

1445 – 1600 Hrs

Demo & Discussion Session 3: “GAI Use Cases, Opportunities & Challenges”


Moderated by

Mr Madanmohan Rao

Research Director, YourStory Media


  • Mr Ajith S Founder,
  • Mr Guru Prakash Founder Xobin
  • Mr Sameer Dhanrajani Chief Executive Officer, AIQRATE
  • Mr Vishal Aggarwal Cofounder, Locobuzz
  • Mr Navin Patel Associate Vice President & Head AI Academy, Infosys Ltd.
  • Sujoy Chakravarty Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, Zvolv
  • Mr Kumar Rangarajan Co Founder, Slanglabs
1600 – 1615 Hrs Tea break
1615 – 1645 Hrs

Keynote Address 4: “The Future of Work with GAI: Implications for Knowledge Management”


  • Dr Avnish Kshatriya Chief Digital Officer, Trilegal


Moderated by

Mr Randhir

Founder, Aceinnovations

1645 – 1730 Hrs

Panel Discussion 4: ” The Future of Work for Knowledge Professionals


Moderated by

Ms Padma Bhamidipati

Senior Business Manager, Infosys


  • Mr Thirumala Arohi Mamunooru Senior Vice President, Infosys Ltd.
  • Dr Prathap Chandra Neonatal Consultant and Lead, e-NICU
  • Mr Aashu Khera Co-Founder & CTO, CLIERNET Services
1730 – 1745 Hrs Session Break
1745 – 1815 Hrs Collaborating for AI Strategies
Opening Remarks


Mr Rabindra Srikantan

Deputy Chairman, CII Global Knowledge Summit 2023

& Managing Director, ASM Technologies Ltd

Special Address

Prof Rahul De

Dean & Programmes Chairperson Office of International Affairs

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Special Address

Mr Biju Mathew

Partner Next Labs Mphasis

1815 – 1830 Hrs Closing Remarks Dr Gopichand Katragadda
1900 Hrs Networking Dinner



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