“Transforming Knowledge Management for Hybrid Learning and Hybrid Workplaces”

Employers around the world are straddling a bridge between yesterday, when most employees at most companies were physically present at work, and tomorrow, when a vaccine or effective treatment will open the possibility of safe return to the traditional workplace. Yet even when that happens, remote work will have earned a permanent place in the employment mix. This state of affairs presents leaders with two challenges: how to manage remote working conditions amid the uncertainty of today, and how to prepare for and optimize the hybrid working models of tomorrow, in which fully in-person and remote work will be two ends of a fluid spectrum of options. The former is a necessity; the latter, an opportunity. Hybrid work models, done right, will allow organizations to better recruit talent, achieve innovation, and create value for all stakeholders. The sessions will help in defining a future of work that is more flexible, digital, and purposeful.

Increases in workplace learning may occur concomitantly with ways in which knowledge is managed in an organization, and knowledge management effectiveness may be a function of how successfully an organization is able to put a technological infrastructure into place. It describes the phases in a strategy for implementing knowledge management procedures and processes and argues that an appropriate mix of technological equipment is pivotal to both knowledge management and enhanced workplace learning. The Summit will deliberate on cultivation of a climate and culture that support and encourage knowledge sharing and learning to occur may be more important than any of the technological advancements to assure enhanced workplace learning.

Today is a knowledge economy, making knowledge one of the modern company’s most important assets.

With this Background CII is conducting Global Knowledge Summit 2021 with the theme “Transforming Knowledge Management for Hybrid Learning and Hybrid Workplaces”. The Summit will be conducted online for two days. It will focus on Remote Learning, Leveraging Technology for Corporate Learning, Vocational reskilling, Succeeding in Hybrid Environment, Globalization of Education, Open Access movement, Delivering Quality & Value in Education & Story Telling. The Summit invites the global speakers and the participants from all across the globe