Mr Kumar Kumaraswamy

1. Recruitment- both high volume and specialized recruitment. Special mention must be made here about the rural recruitment , commented positively by HBR . Conducted football tournaments in interior towns to establish the brand of Taj as an employer.

2. Introduction of Performance Management System and through innovative communication ensured that the employees understood it and participated in it successfully. ‘Unnikuttan” a mascot created for performance Excellence has become a symbol of success and learning in the organization.

3. The entire visa process was transferred to India from US through successful internal offshoring.

4. HR Automation- Entire HR on Adrenalin system including the complicated shift schedules and for the first time in the Hospital industry, a paperless PMS is completed.

5. At Wockhardt handled both tertiary care hospitals located in big cities and pioneered the introduction of O&M hospitals in tier 2 an 3 towns. The entire approach was tailor-made to reflect the needs of these towns and at the same time a symbiotic relationship was created between large city based hospitals and smaller hospitals.

6. WINNURSE, an unique offering to the nurses of the hospitals system which combined fun, need for recognition and the professional excellence into a national function, a coveted award among nurses in the group.

7. Pioneered NST, a skills test wherein any nurse from anywhere in india can participate in our on line recruitment process.

8. Was the Global Lead for HR Shared services concept in Fortis Healthcare. Working in close coordination with a IT Major and our hospitals located in 6 countries.Consolidated the payroll of 16 entities and 35 hospitals into one single entity while retaining the differences that were inherent.

9. Head of Clinician engagement at Fortis. Specialties: Performance Management System, Employee engagement and communication, Recruitment, HR Shared services, HR Automation implementation and HR Policies framework.