Dr.Randhir Raghunath Pushpa

(Co-founder and chief consultant of Acies Innovations)

Dr.Randhir Raghunath Pushpa, is the Co-founder and chief consultant of Acies Innovations. Acies Innovations headquartered in Singapore focuses on providing KM services including defining strategy, process enablement, technology setup and change management.

Dr.Randhir has around 20 years of experience in Knowledge Management and has played a key role in helping organizations leverage knowledge in an effective and efficient manner. He has worked extensively with organizations in areas related to employee productivity improvement, efficiency, effectiveness and continuous improvement.

Prior to forming Acies Innovations, Dr. Randhir worked with Wipro Technologies, Unisys, HPE and DXC Technologies. He is an Alumni of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, where he did his dr. on Knowledge and Innovation management. His primary focus is on task-driven knowledge management that emphasizes tangible business benefits. He is also actively investigating the potential of AI-driven knowledge management to further enhance knowledge utilization and performance.